Game and Practice Schedules 2019-2020

2019 - 20120 Regular Season Game Schedule is set forth below:

2019 flag football game schedule.xlsx

Game Day Field Lay Out below:

game layout v2.pdf

2019-20 Standings

week 7 standings 2020.xlsx

week 6 standings 2020.xlsx

week 5 standings 2020.xlsx



Badging Information


Badges:  All coaches are required to have a background check and current badge issued by CAA.  NOTE: If you have a current pop warner football badge, you do not need a new badge issued by CAA.   If you are not a current badge holder through another CAA sport (baseball, lacrosse, etc.), you will need to apply for a badge at the Mills Field office (Adult softball field area).

CAA Flag badging instructions

Hours of operation:
Mon - Tues 9am - 5pm and Saturday from 8am-2pm
CAA Administrator/Nancy Killmer: [email protected]
904-615-1399 is the office # 

Coach's Application

CAA Flag Football will continue to run smoothly with the great volunteers that we have currently have, but we are always in need of many more volunteers to improve our process..  

New Coaches must complete a Coaches Application and an application for a badge if you do not already have a St. Johns County badge.
Both of these can be found on our Downloads page.

If you already have a badge issued by CAA or Pop Warner (must be active, with expiration date beyond February 2020), then you will not need a new one. 
If you do not already have a curreent badge, you must do the following:

1. Complete this Background Authorization
2. Take a picture of yourself (headshot) - must be in jpeg format
3. Email both to Nancy Kilmer with CAA at : [email protected]

Any badges processed after Nov 10th 2019 will not be paid for by CAA Flag Football. There is a cost that is associated with applying for a badge that CAA Flag Football has and will absorb prior to Nov 10th 2018. Any badge processed after Nov. 10th will be paid for by the individual applying.

Uniform Information

We are going with the same Pro Teams as last year. Below are the the list to choose from at the draft. 

Ball Sizes

PeeWee ~ 5U - 8U

Junior ~ 9U - 11U

Youth ~ 12U - 14U

Official ~ 15U & up

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